Welcome dear! we all know that dogs are universally referred to as man's best friend, and a few things can bring a smile to one's face than seeing a dog living in the moment, running through a park, playing fetch or looking adoringly into his owners face, there are hundreds of dog breeds in the world and while most are born healthy many are not, unfortunately, the proliferation of puppy mills has led to poor breeding practices and over breeding leading to many diseases and illnesses in the dogs.


Sadly many of these dogs who have disabilities or deformities of some kind are dumped at shelters were abandoned left to fend for themselves this story features Cooper a dog with a rare disease who was left to die until some good people stepped in to save him in 2017 animal control officers in Halifax Virginia found an odd-looking two-month-old puppy wandering in the woods, the puppy was found near a suspected puppy mill and noting the dog's deformity they suspected that the dog had been dumped because of his birth defect named Cooper the American Fox hound puppy suffered from a rare genetic condition called short spine syndrome that is usually the result of inbreeding Cooper's corkscrewed spine was fused together at the neck and rear giving the impression that he has no neck at all to turn his head to look behind him Cooper has to spin his whole body around he is only one of 30 dogs with this condition in the world.
The animal control officers noticed that the puppy had bruises all over his body and winced in pain whenever he went to the bathroom they carefully picked him up fending off his little puppy licks to their faces and took him to the nearest shelter after a few calls a rescue called Secondhand hounds in Minnetonka Minnesota offered to care for Cooper this rescue has saved over 16,000 dogs in its time of operation so it was an ideal place for Cooper to go and to recover from his ordeal the abandoned puppy made the trip north and after he settled in at the rescue he was treated for a host of medical issues including ear mites, a hernia, and worms that was only the beginning of the problems that Cooper faced.

This poor little guy had difficulty going to the bath because his spine was fused the brave pup underwent surgery to assist his bowel functions so that he could go to the bathroom by himself, and without pain ,unfortunately, Cooper's health is compromised by his spinal defect while at the shelter he fell and suffered a severe fracture in his neck in five different locations shortly, after his fall Cooper was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis a bone infection caused by bacteria despite the chills fever and pain that Cooper suffered from the little pup kept soldiering on once Cooper recovered from these medical challenges the management at secondhand hounds started to look for a loving family who could give Cooper the life he deserved, but who would adopt a dog with a deformity one that would likely require medical care for the rest of the dog's life ? 

Management wasn't sure how they would find a forever home for Cooper but in the meantime they hoped to find him a temporary foster home, so that he could settle in and become socialized loved regaining his strength, and health, the local news station covered Cooper story and the rescues plea for a foster home the new story and Cooper's obviously sweet nature caught the attention of someone watching that fateful day.

Ellie Keegan after talking with her husband Andy he can decide to contact Secondhand hounds and applied to foster Cooper" he's such a friendly dog" said Keegan his condition is caused by imbrie and it is unconscious about to me that he was just thrown away when the breeders realized he wouldn't make them money, Keegan and her husband were aware that taking in Cooper would pose some challenges but they felt the courageous pup with a heart of gold deserved a shot at happiness with open and loving hearts the Keegan's welcomed Cooper into their home," he quickly settled in although there were some scary moments such as his fall, and a subsequently fractured neck because his spine is so compromised it was dangerous but luckily we got it under control with antibiotics" Keegan explained.

Once he was healthy, Cooper had the chance to learn how to be a dog by spending time with his furry siblings the Keegan's three other dogs slowly things began to turn around for Cooper, now the biggest challenge would be to find him a permanent house, six months later Secondhand hounds advertised Cooper as available for adoption on their website the Keegan's waited for the applications to come pouring in but that didn't happen instead there was only silence it seemed that no one wanted to adopt Cooper perhaps it was because of his deformity or maybe his medical conditions scared people off but the adorable puppy who had fought so hard to live couldn't win over any adopters Keegan was surprised that no one had applied to adopt Cooper yes he looked odd with his hunched back like appearance but he was in Keegan's words the happiest dog the longer Keegan and her husband thought about it the more they realized that Cooper didn't need a new home he already had one right there with their family Keegan reached out to the shelter to make it official, Cooper was going to live with them for the rest of his life.


"Many dogs with conditions like Cooper's are euthanized which makes me so sad" said Keegan " they have so much living to do and Cooper is a real example of that he has a happy normal little life now and is a key member of our family" the Keegan's adopted Cooper giving this deserving good boy a loving family for the rest of his life unfortunately not all dogs and shelters and rescues have such happy endings especially if they have a physical birth defect like Cooper this story teaches us to have compassion for all living things even if they don't look normal or failed to meet society's impossibly perfect standards consider changing a dog's life by fostering or adopting or volunteer or donate to your local rescue or shelter spread the happiness, and pay it forward for Cooper, and don't forget to share this story with your friends to spreed awareness.

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