Jon Stewart Turned His 45-Acre Farm Into An Animal Sanctuary To Rescue Abused Factory Farm Animals

Jon Stewart Turned His 45-Acre Farm Into An Animal Sanctuary 

Tracy and his husband Jon Stewart have purchased a farm in New Jersey that acts as a refuge for a variety of different abused animals.
 They also plan on opening up an educational center on this farm,  which is situated around 50 miles outside of New York town, in close-by New Jersey.

Jon Stewart Turned His 45-Acre Farm Into An Animal Sanctuary

 And according to a press release Tracy Stewart said: "Farm Sanctuary and us, we're getting married." That's one way of putting it! "We bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of starting a farm sanctuary of our own with an educational center, but what I'm announcing tonight is that our farm is actually going to be the New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary. We're going to build new advocates, new curious learners, and new leaders for this very important movement," she added. 
The couple’s animal sanctuary at Bufflehead Farm, it is a home for two pigs, four pooches, three hares, two guinea pigs, two fish, and a bird.

They procured the property in 2013,  however then declared their arrangements for it in 2015. 
The Stewarts are keen on helping any kind of abused animals, but particularly those who have been taken from factory farms.
They hope to add many more animals to their farm in upcoming months and years, including sheep, chicken, goats, cows, turkey, and pigs as well as other animals to arrive at the Bufflehead Farm in New Jersey.

Jon Stewart says that he was so anxious and nervous from animals but when he met his wife Tracy she inspired him and changed his mind by her unlimited  love, and passion for them, and she is a vegan who wrote a book about how to understand animals, that is named "DO UNTO ANIMALS" that was published in 20 October 2015, and it became one of the best New York Times Bestseller Books.

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   According to Tracey, “the joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing. A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s  to-do list, but you can also bring a little bit of sanctuary home when you sponsor an animal through the Adopt a Farm Animal Program.” 
The former Daily Show host now lives a more relaxed lifestyle on the farm, but he told an audience at a recent award show that he sometimes misses the spotlight.

“I have been off of television for six weeks, seven weeks, whatever it is. This is the first applause I’ve heard. It is a barren wasteland out there. You get used to craft services. Out in the world, there are tables with food — but you can’t take it. It costs money, and very little of it is gluten-free or vegan,” he said.


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